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Ministry of aviation confirms purchase of N255m vehicles for Oduah

Published on Thursday, October 17, 2013 9:33 PM // ,

So Sahara Reporters was right after all. Yesterday an aide of aviation minister Stella Oduah called the report 'mere rumour' but the ministry of aviation have confirmed that the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority indeed bought two bulletproof BMW cars worth $1.6m (N255m) for Ms Oduah.

Special Assistant (Media) to the aviation minister, Joe Obi, told Punch that the vehicles were purchased to protect the minister from some external threats. He said the vehicles were procured in response to the clear and imminent threat to the minister’s personal security and life following the bold steps she took to reposition the sector.
"When she came on board as the minister, she inherited a lot of baggage in terms of the concession and lease agreements in the sector, which were clearly not in the interest of the government and people of Nigeria.
“And so, she took bold steps and some of these agreements were reviewed and some were terminated, and these moves disturbed some entrenched interests in the sector, and within this period, she began to receive some imminent threats to her life; therefore, the need for the vehicles." Joe Obi said
Lol. I see. N255million on just two cars? Does that even makes sense? Abeg make una go sleep...

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