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How Flavour & Emeka Morgan abandoned MC Loph's mum' -Bianka Johnson write

Published on Thursday, October 10, 2013 8:45 AM // , ,

Like all one-sided stories/write-ups, please read with an open mind. Bianka Johnson, who is kinda in the movie industry, today sent out something she wrote about how high life crooner Flavour and Morgan Ent. CEO Emeka Morgan, supposedly abandoned MC Loph's mother (pictured above with Bianca) after her son died in a tragic accident in 2011. Flavour and MC Loph were childhood friends while Emeka Morgan is the CEO of the record label MC Loph was signed to before his tragic passing. Find Bianca's write up below...
My name is Bianka Johnson, I reside in the United States of America. I am from Nigeria, a healthcare practitioner, actors-manager and a goodwill citizen. Flavour Nabania didn't make a tribute song "Iwe", he made a mockery of his friend, the late McLoph. Below is my story.
Tragedy brought us together.... That's how I came to know Mrs. Nwaozor, affectionately known to me as "Mama." Back in November 2011, someone posted a tribute video, "Iwe", by Flavor, on Facebook. On that day I distinctly remember viewing the video on YouTube and sobbing for over an hour after watching this video that paid homage to two siblings who so suddenly lost their lives. I was simply paralyzed thinking about the magnitude of grief one particular mother would have to endure. You see, Mama was the mother who lost those two adult children on the same day, specifically, a son, the erstwhile entertainer, MC Loph, and a daughter, Chinwe.

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