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“Strategic Sexuality"

Published on Thursday, September 26, 2013 11:26 PM // ,

Do you watch Big Brother? If so, you'll remember Rachel
from Big Brother's Branchel showmance...

For those of you that don't know, it is a reality show
that featured a woman who, judging merely by my own
personal opinion of her from what I have seen on the show,
was a real pain in the butt. My opinion of her includes: I
think she's fake (from hair extensions all the way through
the insincere laugh). She is supposedly super smart, but
that part never really came out for me, while watching one
of several seasons she was featured on. And to be honest,
on my own girl crush scale, she was thoroughly average on
the looks department. Sorry Rachel...but that is how I
perceived the broadcasts of her in the show.


She managed to win quite a few competitions on the show
which often required brains, and her social game, despite
a truckload of drama, got her to win a half a million
dollars on her second try at the show.

And that is not all...

She also managed to get into a romance on the first show
with a very good looking, very smart, well-educated man
who is now her husband.

And this guy is so gaga over her, you almost could call
him stupid, yet, if you look at his credentials, you can't
really take that copout. This is a smart, successful,
alpha male, who has met his match.

Where am I going with this?

Whether or not you've happened to follow any of the
seasons of Big Brother above, you'd still know exactly
what I am talking about when I say some women has some
invisible power over men which is the ONLY way to explain
some unlikely celebrity romances as well.

The first thing you ask yourself is: How can he not see
that...? You see this often in dating shows like
Bachelorette and others, and you want to shake the guy
because he is mesmerized with this one woman who would be
SO bad for him.

Everybody can see it, BUT him...

The man is spellbound, and you know why? Because this
woman has simply discovered the feminine energy inside
herself and learned how to use it.

So, my friend, if she can do it with all her handicaps, so
can you.

It is as simple as that. It is like a potion if you know
how and where to find it and then how to put it into

And every single one of you reading this right now has it.
Only some of you, however, have figured out how to harness
its incredible power.

Strategic Sexuality is NOT about Strategic bed hopping to
get you ahead in the game. It is about owning your
femininity and learning how to use that as the biggest
asset you didn't even know you had...!

Don't believe me? Download my eBook, Strategic Sexuality.
Read it, and please go try out the secrets on either that
hot guy you've been struggling to reel in, or on a
potential employer for a job you really, really want.

If you've implemented this advice and you're still not
getting what you need, I have a 30-day,
no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. This rarely
happens because I know, and many of you goddesses reading
this right now already know this as well: This advice
works! ;)

C'mon, it would be a shame if such an incredible inner
strength is left untapped forever, don't you think?

To the happiness you deserve,

Niaja Gaga

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