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If you're unlawfully sacked you can sue your bosses. Jenny did & won

Published on Sunday, September 29, 2013 8:38 PM // , ,

People get sacked indiscriminately in this country and they don't know that they can actually sue and get compensated. Jennifer Adighije Okolo, the creative director of House of Silk, sued her former bosses and won. According to a report by Maestro Media, an Industrial Court sitting in Ikoyi, Lagos gave a ruling in favour of Jennifer against her former employer, Helios Towers, a telecom firm.
In the court ruling, the Telecom firm would need to pay, Jennifer Adighije-Okolo N13.55 million for unfairly terminating her employment. Jennifer before the sack was the company's Head of Operations & Planning.
The Company had terminated their former employee's appointment for what they had termed poor performance (performing below par), Jennifer not satisfied with how she was sacked had taken the company to the Industrial Court, Ikoyi, Lagos seeking for redress. The end result of the case is her winning #9 Million which is the sum total of her salary from between February 1, 2010 to January 31, 2012. Apart from the #9 Million, the defendant would also be paying the claimant another #4.5 Million for damages and also awarded in the claimant's favour is another #50,000 cost.

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